Our commitment to excellence runs all the way through our projects and the only way to achieve that is to start and finish with the best equipment. We shoot all our footage on high definition cameras and use only the highest quality microphones to capture sound. We also use only the latest software and hardware by Apple in our state of the art studio. With our highly skilled and talented team, the best quality equipment, combined with our creative flair and commitment, you can be sure of a stunning production every time.   

Please note we do NOT hire out our equipment! Regardless of how nicely you ask!  



Filming Permits: If you want to film in Tanzania you do need a filming permit. The price for a permit is USD 1,000 if applying 1 month in advance and USD 3,000 if you need a fast track permit, meaning less than 1 month in advance. You can do this online http://tanzaniafilmcommission.org/filming-in-tanzania.html or through your local Tanzanian Embassy/High Commission. 

Please be aware that additional fees will apply if filming in any National Park http://www.tanzaniaparks.com/regulations_and_park_fees.html